Here's how to become a professional drone pilot

Job opportunities with drones

The drone sector is a universe in rapid growth, with extraordinary potential in many different areas of use. Becoming a professional drone pilot today means creating the basis for solid future employment which is seeped in innovation and technology.

The main areas in which drones operate

Drones are used for a wide range of purposes such as precision agriculture, surveillance, tracking environmental conditions, data transmission, aerial video and photography, construction, and archaeological research. The use of drones in situations which are hostile to people is also crucial, such as monitoring fires, inspecting infrastructures and buildings, traffic surveillance, and search and rescue operations (SAR).

Accademia del Volo Cepu

Accademia del Volo Cepu is authorised (certificate no. ENAC.CA.APR.037 to issue professional drone pilot licences. The school runs courses for the use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) as well as specialisation programmes for learning specific skills, and offers complete assistance for a proper understanding of the complex world of ENAC legislation relating to drones.

Drone pilot courses

With Accademia del Volo Cepu it is possible to obtain a drone pilot certificate (RPA pilot) for critical and non-critical operations, for aircraft ranging from 300g to 4kg and from 4kg to 25kg, through specific courses held by qualified instructors according to the relevant legislation.

Course structure

The courses at Accademia del Volo Cepu for professional drone pilots include theory lessons held online and in the classroom, and practical flight training with a final exam in order to obtain the licence. The theory part in the classroom is held at weekends, whereas the practical part spans over two or three days in the Accademia del Volo flying fields, with individual lessons that are adaptable to each person’s needs.


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