Become a drone pilot in non-critical areas

The course allows participants to operate drones in non-critical areas, for example for land surveillance, tracking environmental conditions, data transmission, aerial photography, public order, construction work and archaeological research.

The course is structured in accordance with current legislation. It includes 16 hours on the following subject areas:

  • Aviation Law
  • Meteorology
  • Airspace and RPA (drone) use

Practical Flight training

The course includes the carrying out of various missions, the total duration of which must not be less than 5 hours. The practical lessons are coordinated according to the category and class of RPA (drone).

Final examination

The final exam consists of a mission lasting at least 10 minutes, carried out on an RPA of the same class and category as that used during the practical training.

Course locations

  • Accademia del Volo Training Centre, located at the International Airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ in Perugia
  • eCampus University in Novedrate (25km from Milan)


Students of Accademia del Volo have the possibility of accommodation at affiliated hotels or residences.

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