Flight training courses

Accademia del Volo offers a pathway of guidance and training where flight is intended both as a professional opportunity and as a hobby to enjoy during free time. The infrastructure and operational procedures of the school guarantee a proper training, thanks to our team of instructors who boast vast experience in the field of aviation and who want to share their knowledge and experience with all those who are passionate about flight.

The market needs pilots

Being in command of an aeroplane is not only one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it is also a solid opportunity for work. Recent studies estimate that over the next twenty years, because of the growth in air traffic, airlines will increase their request for expert flight staff.

TEA (Test of English for Aviation)

Legislation regarding Language Proficiency Requirements calls for the knowledge of aeronautical English in order to obtain and maintain radio communication in English. To be able to fly abroad or fly using IFR within Italy, you need to demonstrate that you have at least a level 4 knowledge of English according to the ICAO scale set out in doc. 9835. Ability is determined through the Test of English for Aviation, known as the TEA Test. The certificate is compulsory in order to fly using IFR and/or VFR outside of Italy, it must be noted on the license, and it expires after a certain period of time (except level 6) according to the level obtained (4 years for level 4, 6 years for level 5).

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