FI-IRI-CRI courses (Flight instructor)

The course objective for the flight instructor rating (FI) is to train you to instruct on single-engine aircraft.

Entry Requirements

  • CPL or PPL Licence
  • Must have completed the CPL theory exam
  • First class medical suitability
  • Must pass the multiple choice entry test and oral entry test to prove professional skills and theoretical knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Knowledge of English: must be able to communicate in flight and on the ground, and be capable of reading and consulting manuals.

Theoretical part

  • 125 hours of theory (FI – Flight Instructor)
  • 25 hours of theory (CRI)
  • 25 hours of theory (IRI)

Those who request the FI rating or the CRI IRI extensions must have completed an approved course of theoretical instruction in the following subject areas:

  • Learning processes
  • Teaching processes
  • The philosophy of training
  • Applied instruction techniques
  • Student evaluation
  • Training programme development
  • Human capacities and limitations related to flight instruction
  • The dangers in emergency simulations on planes in flight
  • Procedures related to the administration of flight courses
  • For FI instructor: 30 hours of flight instruction
  • CRI SEP Extension: 3 hours
  • CRI MEP Extension: 5 hours
  • IRI Extension for FI: 5 hours (10 hours if not in possession of the FI qualification)


Theory and practical course: quote based on the type of aeroplane used.


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