CPL(A) Commercial Pilot Licence

The achievement of the Flight Licence CPL(A) allows to operate as a pilot in command of single engine aircraft, or multi engine ones, (provided they are in possession of the specific certification), employed in commercial flights and in accordance with the visual and instrumental flight regulations, (if qualified for it).


Necessary Prerequisites

  • -Minimum age of 18 years to be admitted to the course
  • Medical suitability for I class flight
  • -PPL(A) Licence
  • -Nocturnal Flight Certification
  • -150 hours of ¬†flight, preliminary to access the course
  • -200 hours of flight, 100 hours of which as Pilot in Command before the final examination
  • -MEP Certificate (or having carried out a MEP training according to the Subpart H EASA FCL) only in case of the achievement of a CPL of a twin engine airplane.

Theoretical Course

250 hours of lessons are dedicated to the study of the following technical subjects: aeronautics regulations, general notions about aircraft, performance and planning, human performance and its limits, meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, flight principles, communication.

Flight Training

25 hours of training on piston single, or multi engine aircraft
As an alternative:
15 hours of VFR training on aircraft for those who are in possession of a IR(A) Licence

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