LAPL(A) Light Airplane Pilot Licence

The LAPL(A) licence enables the student to operate as an airplane pilot, on control of a single engine aircraft, weighing up to 2,000 kg, (carrying a maximum of 3 passengers plus pilot), employed for non commercial flights, and in accordance with the regulations of the visual flight. It also authorizes to fly the ultralight aircraft, including the advanced ones.


Necessary Prerequisites

  • Minimum age of 16 to attend the course: 17 of age to get the licence (for those who are not of age the parental approval is mandatory)
  • Medical suitability for LAPL flight and/or II class.

Theoratical Course

100 hours of lessons are dedicated to the study of the following technical subjects: aeronautics regulations, general notions about aircraft, performance and planning, human performance and its limits, meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, flight principles, communication.

Flight Training

21 hours of training, divided in: 15 hours of dual command flight, assisted by an instructor, followed by 6 hours solo flight (supervised solo flight time)

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